Download TweakBox for iOS 8

Downloading Apps from the Apple Store is not always an ease of your budget because all the apps are marked at heavy prices and also trying the apps without making a hole in the pocket is not possible.

An alternate way to get the apps into the iOS devices is jailbreaking the device and then using the tweaks to get the premium apps in the device. However Jailbreaking the device will void the warranty of the device and also if done in a different way it will cause the defect to the device. Hence in order to bypass this, we can use the TweakBox app.

Features of TweakBox for iOS 8:

  1. TweakBox is easy to install and download apps on the iOS device.
  2. TweakBox for iOS 8 has a huge number of active followers and hence the updates in the store are quick and reliable.
  3. TweakBox is a secured platform and it doesn’t affect the devices.
  4. TweakBox has premium content that is available on the Appstore for free in this.

Why TweakBox for iOS 8:

  1.  Easy to install and uninstall apps.
  2. Safety for warranty.
  3. Highly reliable and secure.
  4. And the main advantage is “No Need to Jailbreak the device.”

How to Install TweakBox on iOS 8:

  1. Open Safari Browser from the device.
  2. Go to Download Page and hit the Download button.
  3. Install the file and it will navigate to the pop-up.
  4. In the pop up click on the install button which is shown at the top right corner of the screen.
  5. This will continue the Installation process.
  6. Once the process is over, click on the Done button at the top of the screen.

In some case, there might be an error in opening the application after installing it on the device, hence in these case, Navigate to Setting => General => Profile => App => Choose the trust option.

It will resolve the application issues.

Tweakbox app is also supported in iOS 9, iOS 10, and iOS 11.