Here we answer some of the most asked question about TweakBox.

How does TweakBox work?

TweakBox is an app installer which fetch data from Google Play and Apple App Store and beautifully categorizes them into their respective categories. Once a user opt to install any app or game we redirect them to their respective App Store/Google Play link.

Which platforms do TweakBox support?

TweakBox supports Android & iOS. Users may use an android emulator to also run the app on Windows and macOS.

Is TweakBox free?

Yes! Using TweakBox is absolutely free. However for premium apps and in-app purchases you need to spend buck on Apple App Store or Google Play.

Do TweakBox require jailbroken/rooted device?

We do not require any special permission to execute the app hence a non-jailbroken/rooted device will work absolutely smooth.

How can I request for app or games?

Our crawler automatically fetches all types of apps and games available on Google Play and App Store as such we do not take special requests (i.e. third-party apps available outside those respective app stores) at the moment. However we may soon allow developers to create an account and list their apps.

Do you have app revokes like usual third-party app stores?

We abides by the rules of Google Play and Apple App Store as such you will not encounter such issues.

Alright, how can I install TweakBox?

Go to our Download Page and as well we also have a step-by-step guide for that : )